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Travel agency Aero-Alliance. Krasnodar, Severnaya 400, office 503-507. Phone +7 (861) 210 87-87 Russian

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The Aero-Alliance company was founded in June 2009 as a representative of Atlant Soyuz, the official air company of the Moscow City Government. Although our tour agency is still young we already have achievements to be proud of and satisfy our clients. Aero-Alliance is actively developing in several areas:

  • Plane ticket sales through our network of sales points .
  • Holidays all over the world
  • Representation of the interests of airlines.
  • Booking clerk training centre
  • Vehicle hire (car rent)

Air Ticket Sales

Since August 29, 2013 the company "Aero-Alliance" is an accredited IATA Agency (International Air Transport Association)

Accreditation certificate № D-0521 issued by the Transport Clearing House.
The accreditation certificate attests to the authority of Aero-Alliance to sell air transport services using standard tickets and CCS-TCH (Control Council of Settlement-Transport Clearing House) e-tickets. The agency works in accordance with existing contracts and regulations on air transport sales and the normative documentation of the Air Transport Settlement System.
The certificate was issued on 6 July 2011.

We currently have a network of ticket sales points in the South of Russia. We can offer you tickets on various airlines for a favourable price. Sales are processed on the Sirena 2000, Amadeus and Navitair booking systems. Our trained staff will assist you in selecting the best route for you and provide detailed consultations on questions relating to buying, returning and exchanging air tickets.

Travel Agency
The Aero Alliance travel agency began work in December 2009 at our main office. We can offer you a wide range of holidays in Russian and overseas resorts:

  • guided tours around Europe
  • holidays on the Black Sea
  • holidays in the best hotels in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Turkey, etc
  • beach holidays on exotic islands
  • skiing holidays
  • sanatorium holidays
  • booking of plane and train tickets to any country in the world
  • tailor made itineraries
  • business trips and corporate client services
  • assistance in applying for visas

Our experienced managers work individually with each client and help in selecting interesting holidays to meet all your requirements.

The Aero-Alliance travel agency works with reliable tour companies, which means we can offer you unforgettable holidays to suit any taste in any country in the world. Our managers will be pleased to answer any questions you may have at our main office.

Representing air lines.

We would be pleased to work with air companies offering flights from airports in Krasnodar Region. You can find more detailed information on our terms and conditions regarding this at «Air Companies» on this website.

Training Centre

Accreditation certificate № UTs-31issued by the Transport Clearing House..
This document certifies our training centre. The Aero-Alliance training centre provides instruction for personnel of ATSS (Air Transport Settlement System) members on the following courses: The work of booking clerks (operators) in agencies accredited in air transport booking and sales using CCS-TCH standard tickets.

Aero-Alliance offers courses in booking air tickets using the Sirena system. Training and ongoing training is carried out in our own training centre. On completion of the course the student receives an official TCH Training Certificate and an Aero-Alliance Training Certificate. Courses are taught by professional accredited teachers with extensive work experience.

We are reliable, efficient and convenient!


General Director
Anatolii Goloschapov
Tel: +7 (861) 210-87-87 extension 23

Deputy General Director for Sales
Nadezhda Goloschapova
Tel: +7 (861) 210-87-87 extension 21

Deputy General Director for Operations
Yuliya Shapovalova
Tel: +7 (861) 210-87-87 extension 26

Head Accountant
Ludmila Garkusha
Tel: +7 (861) 210-87-87 extension 35

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