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This programme is an ab initio course and teaches the basic skills for an air ticket booking and sales clerk using the Sirena Travel automated booking system. Basic computer skills are necessary to enrol on the course. All students who complete the course will be given assistance in finding work in air ticket sales agencies.

Course programme:

  • The rules of selling air tickets
  • The rules for filling out air tickets and receipts (CCS-TCH accountable stationery)
  • Passenger categories and discount codes
  • Air ticket booking technology using the Sirena Travel system
  • Requests for particular seats and special meals
  • Automated tariff calculation system
  • Rules for applying tariffs
  • Working with the Global Distribution System centre (GDS)
  • Refunding and exchanging air tickets
  • Cashing up
  • Working with OKI printers (printing tickets and screens)
  • Processing purchases made with plastic cards
  • Transport against Military Traffic Documents and Prepaid Ticket Advice
  • EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) e-tickets and receipts
  • Practical lessons
  • Interactive test on the rules of filling out CCS-TCH accountable stationery exam
  • Test using automated booking system on the basics of using the Sirena Travel system

Students who successfully complete the course and the interactive test receive a TCH Training Certificate and an Aero-Alliance Training Certificate. The TCH Training Certificate is valid for five years.

Course length: two weeks (Monday-Friday)
For students not resident in Krasnodar courses can be arranged to run for ten consecutive days.

Accreditation Certificate

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have by telephone on (861) 248-77-90.

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